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Mihaly Nagy, Partner, Head of Content, The HR Congress

Sanyin Siang Sanyin Siang, Executive Director Fuqua K Center on Leadership and Ethics, Duke University

Magdalena Nowicka Mook, CEO & Thought Leader, ICF 

HR is a strategic enabler of enterprise success by maximizing the human capital through a culture of empowerment, confidence, synergy and accountability, key outcomes of organizational coaching. During this keynote, Magda brings the evidence that strong coaching cultures significantly correlates to market performance, as a result of more engaged employees and better financial results.  

with Sanyin Siang and Magdalena Nowicka 

Facilitator: Renee Robertson, VP Coaching in Organizations, Prism Award winner, ICF 


Renee Robertson, VP Coaching in Organizations, Prism Award winner, ICF 

Magdalena Nowicka Mook, CEO & Thought Leader, ICF 

New leadership calls for self-awareness, inclusion, resilience, transparency and curiosity. Leaders are maxed out by complexity and non-linear patterns, and need to be more agile in their decisions than ever. Coaching is one of the best supporters and accelerators of change initiatives. During this keynote, Magda highlights how HR can support leaders through a coaching culture. 

Janice Smith, Founder and Global Director, EY’s Centre for Transformative Leadership 

  • Learn how one of the largest professional services networks in the world built a thriving internal coaching practice to increase their leaders’ impact during defining career moments.   
  • Hear about EY’s ten year journey – starting with their approach to create a compelling business case for coaching.   
  • Discover how they sustained momentum by measuring ROI and growing their practice in the most relevant way to meet the increasing demand generated for their coaching services.   
  • Shared lessons and highlights on the way the coaching practice has evolved to keep pace with the changing leadership needs of its clients and the organization – including the need to move beyond top leadership and democratize the coaching experience for all. 

FORMAT – 10 minutes at the end – Q&A/polling 

The role of HR has always been a critical function. Now more than ever, HR professionals are at the front lines of supporting leaders, driving change and coaching has been identified as their “superpower”. Please join me to learn how three different organizations have deployed coaching to develop better leaders, HR Business Partners, and positive cultures.

Facilitator: Renee Robertson, VP Coaching in Organizations, Prism Award winner, ICF 


  • Janice Smith, Founder and Global Director, EY’s Centre for Transformative Leadership 
  • Bennie Covington, Chief People Officer- Integrated Financial Settlements  
  • Iftikhar Nadeem, Executive Leadership Coach, Director, Organizational Excellence 


Toby Hough, Director of People and Culture, Hibob 

Patrick Caldwell, COO, FundApps

  • The journey to B Corp Certification and our triple bottom line 
  • Aligning our leadership, strategy and culture around ‘doing good’ 
  • “Judge us by our actions, not our intent” – Our commitment to all stakeholders 

Facilitator:  Toby Hough, Director of People and Culture, Hibob 


  • Michele Zanini, Co-Author, HUMANOCRACY 
  • Patrick Caldwell, COO, FundApps
  • Victoria Bradford, Head of People Operations, Funding Circle

Will SmithSales EngineerHibob 


Dave Ulrich, Professor of Business, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and co-founder, The RBL Group 

Prithwiraj Choudhury, Harvard Business School 

Susan J. Schmitt Winchester, CHRO, Applied Materials

Author of Healing at Work 

  • I am an over-achiever who never rests to enjoy the successes because I feel like I constantly need to prove myself.” 
  • “Nothing I ever do is good enough, no matter how much effort and time (even family time) I pour into my effort. Everything I do must be perfect even better than perfect.” 
  • “I have an inner critic constantly running through my head, criticizing me and everything I do.” 
  • “I better not speak up in meetings. If it was a good idea, someone else would have had it already.” 
  • “I know my unhealthy habits (drinking, overspending, overeating, procrastinating, etc.) are bad for me, but I need the relief after a tough day.” 

If these constant thoughts are wearing you out and affecting your ability to feel confident, take heart in knowing that in any room – conference room, company kitchen, all-hands meeting – at least 2 out of every 3 people are tormented by the same Inner Critic. Based on Susan’s personal and professional experiences, as well as the latest research in positive psychology and neuroplasticity, she will show you how to rise above whatever past you have had and reclaim your right to experience your career, even the challenging interactions you might have at work, in a way that will completely change how you experience the workplace. 

Susan Schmitt Winchester is the Chief HR Officer at Applied Materials, a Silicon Valley Fortune 200 company with 25,000+ employees worldwide. She has over 30 years of HR experience in multiple industries and has lived outside the US twice both for work and for studies. She is also the author of Healing at Work:  A Guide to Using Career Conflicts to Overcome Your Past and Build the Future You Deserve, with co-author Martha Finney. 

Participants will: 

  1. How to use the science of neuroplasticity and the principles of positive psychology to begin experiencing less stress, anxiety and worry at work 
  2. Discover a fresh understanding of how the workplace can actually give you opportunities to replace limiting beliefs with positive, supportive beliefs, insights, skills, and experiences that empower you to build a successful career – and a healthy life 
  3. Gain insight into how you may be unconsciously showing up at work in ways that are negatively affecting your career experience and success
  4. See how to apply mental fitness insights to supporting your colleagues 

Alec Levenson, Senior Research Scientist, Center for Effective Organizations, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California 

Maura Stevenson, Ph.D., Chief Human Resources Officer, MedVet 


Dave Ulrich, Professor of Business, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and co-founder, The RBL Group 

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Shawna Corden PCC, PMC, PMP  Engagement and Performance Speaker  Author of Coach Culture- A Playbook for Winning in Business

Can Coaching Accelerate Change?   Traditionally organizations use classroom learning or on-demand training to prepare and acclimate their employees for change- but what’s really effective? Join us for this masterclass revealing the startling, low-cost method, and most effective ways to prepare your organization for effective change.     Participants will be shown the data driving how coaching accelerates change and the 3 factors that determine change success.  Ample Q and A time will be allocated to tailor participant’s current change strategies or to build their own change blueprints. 

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Mihaly Nagy, Partner, Head of Content, The HR Congress

Siobhan McHale, Executive GM HR / CHRO, Dulux Group 

Outline: Business leaders everywhere are grappling with how to create workplaces that can thrive in a post-Covid-19 world. They are concerned about “hybrid” working models and how to create cultures that are flexible, connected, and that can help employees to be at their best. In this session, you will learn about Siobhan McHale’s ground-breaking, four-step process for creating cultures that deliver, grow, and adapt in disruptive times. You will also explore the role that HR professionals can play in creating winning, agile, and high-performing cultures. This practical session is critical for those who are interested in stepping more into their leadership role in turbulent times. 


Mark Brinkler, Director HCM Transformation, Oracle 

Estella Madna, Global Leadership Development Partner , Novartis 

  • Boss history – the emergence of the boss culture and why it is unfit for the future  
  • Adult development – how we work with our leaders to unlearn old behaviors and learn a new mindset  
  • Immunity To Change – mapping leaders immune systems that are holding them back from bringing their best self to work  
  • What Unbossed means to Novartis – the impact it is making and the journey ahead  
  • How HR leaders have adapted to the challenges of the past year. 
  • Adapted initiatives to meet the new business environment and expectations of employees. 
  • Productivity in the new agile working 
  • Keeping up with the new skills required by employees. 

Facilitator:  Mark Brinkler, Director HCM Transformation, Oracle 


  • Maurice Collis, Vice President – Leadership & OD, Agility
  • Stijn De Vries, Head of Strategic Workforce Management, ABN AMRO Bank
  • Giorgia Calabria, Senior Talent Manager,  Danone

Hélène Pitié-Vincent, HCM Solution Engineer, Oracle 


Kevin Empey, Author and Managing Director, Work Matters 

Varda Gertler-Ifat, Organizational Development Partner, Amdocs 

In the last three years Amdocs have lead a huge transformation in their product and R&D division. Hear how they shifted to new technologies, work structure, employee experience and culture. 

Kevin Empey, Author and Managing Director, Work Matters 

Shaping the next phase of work we are all living through is, in itself, a unique case study of transformation and agility.  And this transformation goes way beyond transitioning to hybrid work models and flexible working.  How we approach this next phase will not only solve for these key areas of work transformation but will also set the scene for what is yet to unfold in the future of work for generations to come.  Drawing from case studies, lessons and key take-aways from his recent book, Thrive in the Future of Work, Kevin will outline how the next 6-12 months provides a once in a generation opportunity to build a transformative culture and mindset at organisational, leadership and individual level.

  • A look at the latest tools available to senior HR practitioners looking to streamline processes and meet employee expectations. 
  • How to culturally embed and implement new software and platforms to benefit your company. 
  • Predictions for 2022 and beyond. 

Facilitator: Kevin Empey, Author and Managing Director, Work Matters  


  • Marta Galofre, Program Manager, Personio 
  • Maarten Horbach, Human Resources Director, Shimano  
  • Varda Gertler-Ifat, Organizational Development Partner, Amdocs 




Mark Brinkler, Director HCM Transformation, Oracle 

Andrea Illes, Head of People Experience Europe, NOKIA 

As we emerge from unprecedented years of change and challenges, it’s clear that work as we know it has been forever transformed. Work-life balance, flexibility and mental health are front-of-mind for employees as they look to their employers for certainty about the future, therefore post COVID-19 many companies will adopt Hybrid Working Policies. During our time together, we will talk about how we at Nokia addressed the wellbeing of our colleagues during the pandemic and how we are designing a fully hybrid global workplace. 

  • The challenge of managing remotely: How do I keep my colleagues healthy, motivated and engaged? 
  • What changes were and are needed at the workplace? 
  • How to design a fully hybrid global workplace? 

Liz Rider, Global Head of Leadership & Culture, Volvo Group  

The world is changing and therefore leadership mindsets need to change. Old ways of leading will simply not be as effective in the new world, and a constantly evolving business landscape requires leaders who can flex their style to suit the dynamic work environment. 

Leadership for the future 

We spend a lot of time rethinking business models and even the meaning of work in 2020, building a ‘fit for the future’ organisation, but the same focus hasn’t always been put on helping leaders consider (or even confront) their views on leadership and what effective leadership looks like today.  

Until we spend time working with leaders to address their mindset around leadership and what being a leader today means, we are unlikely to see the leadership behaviours we need to navigate an increasingly complex environment – irrespective of what is spent on competence shift and development. 

The idea of top-down leadership is a thing of the past, or should be anyway. It’s not what people are looking for. Leadership needs to be democratized. Decision-making has to be more distributed so that every person feels it is his or her responsibility to lead, because that is what will lead to speed, which is so important for business success today. 

The 4th industrial revolution has a disruptive effect on leadership: the old model, with the carrot and stick, toxic leadership, and organisations based on fear and control do not work. A new model is needed, a model where leadership empowers all people, not just act as individual contributors who show outstanding individual performance. We need leaders who bring out the best in everyone! 

  • Analysis on the impacts of remote working, technology and digital services on employees mental health and wellbeing. 
  • How to initialize and implement a post-pandemic wellbeing initiative? 

Facilitator:  Mark Brinkler, Director HCM Transformation, Oracle 


  • Natalia Wallenberg, Global Head HR Syngenta Crop Protection, incoming CHRO, Ahold Delhaize 
  • Andrea Illes, Head of People Experience Europe, NOKIA 
  • Liz Rider, Global Head of Leadership & Culture, Volvo Group 

Rickesh Patel, HCM Solution Engineer, Oracle 


Amy Culverhouse, Enterprise Sales EMEA, Betterworks 

Caitlin Collins, Principle Program Architect, Betterworks

From the time we are born, we receive feedback. We use the world around us and are given instructions to learn. We learn to walk from falling. Teachers mark-up our papers. Peers reinforce or challenge our behaviors.  

Feedback has been a constant in all of our lives, so why is it so difficult?  

The feedback experience should be a meaningful and positive one. And when handled with care, feedback is the crucial listening system for organizations to enable performance.  

In this presentation, Organizational Psychologist and Betterworks’ Program Architect, Caitlin Collins, will discuss how to create a culture of feedback to fuel performance and optimize in our newly adjusted working environments.   

In this session you will learn: 

  • The three types of meaningful feedback 
  • How to give and receive feedback in the workplace to fuel performance 
  • How to enable and hold your leaders accountable to model a culture of feedback 

Pablo Maison, CHRO, Grupo Perez Companc 

  • The impact of the pandemic on the organization 
  • The complexity of dealing with new issues with old models 
  • Performance transformation in the future of work. 
  • Employee experience and performance 
  • Run the business vs change the business 
  • HR transformation to drive performance in the new business context 

Facilitator: Amy Culverhouse, Enterprise Sales EMEA, Betterworks 


  • Pablo Maison, CHRO, Grupo Perez Companc  
  • Gargi Banerjee, Head – Talent, Learning and Organisation Development, Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries, Julphar 
  • Caitlin Collins, Principle Program Architect, Betterworks
Bruce Walcroft, Senior Solution Engineer, Betterworks 




Mark Brinkler, Director HCM Transformation,Oracle

 Yazad Dalal, Oracle HCM Europe Lead at Accenture Intelligent Platform Services, Oracle 

  Melanie V. Eusebe, I&D Lead for Accenture Europe & UK/CEO Transformation Change , Accenture 

Cengiz Besim, Talent and Organisation / Human Potential, UK&I Inclusion & Diversity Offering Co-Lead, Accenture

Christian Jacobs, Senior Expert HR Data, Management, DHL

Facilitator: Mark Brinkler, Director HCM Transformation, Oracle 


Claudette Monaghan, Vice President – Business HR for Staff Functions, Vattenfall Wind Power   

Rodolphe Pelletier, HCM Solution Engineer, Oracle 


Nigel Dias, Managing Director, 3n Strategy and Chair, HR Analytics ThinkTank

Jeremy Sapiro, Executive Director Workforce Analytics, MERCK 

  • Role of Analytics in Business – a post crisis opportunity.  
  • Vendors stepping up but with risks  
  • Running the Analytics Function ,more sophisticated, product-driven 

Facilitator: Nigel Dias, Managing Director, 3n Strategy and Chair, HR Analytics ThinkTank


  • Jeremy Shapiro, Executive Director Workforce Analytics, MERCK 
  • Gishan Nissanka, Global People Analytics, Digital Talent, EY 
  • Madhura Chakrabarti, Global Head, People Analytics, Syngenta 
  • Sarah Andresen, Principal People Scientist, Sage AI Labs 


Raluca Avram, Solution Engineers Leader EMEA, Oracle 

Shannon Fischer, Vice President HCM Product Strategy, Oracle 

Hacking Management: The need to take a different approach to changing an organization. 

Opening remarks by Mark Brinkler, Director HCM Transformation, Oracle

Jon Ingham, Author of The Social Organization 

Our discipline is at a similar inflection point to where we were at the end of the 1990s with a new focus on strategic HR. However, this time around, it’s not business focus but people centricity driving the change. This shift goes well beyond focusing on employees’ experience of current HR practices to enabling people as true customers of our organisations. The effect of this new perspective will be just as profound as our original evolution from Personnel, and the impact on people processes and organisation will be intense. This keynote will describe the shift, and the way HR can best adapt to a very new world. 

Marta Galofre, Program Manager, Personio

Every Delay Is A Missed Opportunity. Things might be working, but not working well. Your people processes may be slower or more painful than they need to be — and delays like these add up, distract your workforce, and carry a much higher cost: missed opportunities. Don’t Miss Out. It Could Be So Much Better… In this Session we will show you how People Workflow Automation helps your organization connect tools and teams to drive productivity across every aspect of your business. After all, people processes span your entire business, so your HR needs to go beyond HR. 

Max Hunter, Motivators at Work

 In this interactive and engaging Masterclass, Max will help you:  

  • Unlock the keys to a motivated workforce. 
  • Understand how this translates to hybrid work. 
  • Connect and learn from your peers. 
  • Have some fun along the way. 

Come along to experience how the Chief Joy Officer can help you bring more resonant joy to your workforce.


Jason Hawes, Sales Director, Culture Amp

Joan Lurie, Founder & Principal, Orgonomics

There is a growing imperative for organisations to develop cultures of collaboration. Most executives and decision makers view collaboration as increasingly important. In a recent study commissioned by Atlassion 73% said it is more important now than it was 3 years ago and expect it to grow. They also feel this growing increasingly challenging.  It  was difficult before remote and hybrid models of work and now it’s appearing more challenging. Lack of knowhow, culture and tools hold companies back…So what scaffold can we put in place to help organisations develop cultures of collaboration? 

My talk will share the Orgonomics systemic framework, principles and practices for helping organisations function collaboratively internally and externally as coherent ecosystems.

Beth Clutterbuck, Chief Human Resources Officer, Relativity 

Facilitator: Jason Hawes, Sales Director, Culture Amp   


  • Katharine Coombes, VP, Global Talent Acquisition, Culture Amp 
  • Beth Clutterbuck, Chief Human Resources Officer, Relativity

Oliver Bownes, Senior Account Executive, Culture Amp 


Tara O’Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer, Immedis 

Tara O’Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer, Immedis  

Tara O’Sullivan, CMO with Immedis will be leading this session – which includes a short presentation and a panel discussion. The main factors that we will be covering are: 

  • The reality about where we are on gender and age pay gaps 
  • The importance of ethnicity when talking about D,I & B 
  • Using data to impact the pay gap 
  • The value of gender and age diversification 
  • COVID setback for women, how do we reverse it 
  • How do we ensure our D,I,&B program is heard and felt when people are working from anywhere or remotely?  

We will be looking at some of the standard reports that companies are using, whether legally required to, or not, to demonstrate their journey to closing the pay gap, and impacting Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. 

  • Khady Gaye, Manager HR – Corporate, Global HR Leader, United Airlines 
  • Tara O’Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer, Immedis 

Facilitator: Tara O’Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer, Immedis 


  • Felicia Cheek, Director, HCM Product Strategy, Oracle   
  • Melanie Pizzey, CEO, Global Payroll Association



Arjen Swank, Sr. Engagement Specialist, Effectory 

Lana Moss, Human Resources Business Lead, Amdocs., Head of People, Vindicia and Vubiquity 

  • Reviewing the 10 point plan used to define the role of HR after integration 
  • A deep dive into cultural understanding as the basis for success 
  • Reviewing Leasons Learned 

Facilitator: Arjen Swank, Sr. Engagement Specialist, Effectory 

Co-host: Julien Brillard, Engagement Specialist, Effectory 


  • Martijn Seijsener, Global Head Employee Experience, Credit Suisse  
  • Michael Oggenfuss, Global Head HRIS and Employee Services, Worldline Payments Group  

Gerard den Heeten, Sales Consultant, Effectory 


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