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16th November @ 17:30-18:30 Dave Ulrich Masterclass – Why and How Business and HR Leaders Navigate Paradox

Paradox occurs when seemingly contradictory issues complement each other (e.g., less is more, the beginning of the end, the more you give the more you get, the only constant is change, tough love, etc.). Navigating paradox (sometimes called competing values, dialectics, duality, or polarity management) leads to innovative insights, agility and change, employee enthusiasm, and investor confidence.

In the post-pandemic era, business leaders have been encouraged to navigate paradoxes such as strategic executor, humble hero, tech-savvy humanist, traditional innovator, high-integrity politician, and globally-minded localist.

The personal competence of navigating paradox has been a leading predictor of both business and HR leader effectiveness in both ours and others’ research for the last decade. In our recent HR Competency Study (HRCS) research, we identified five competence domains (see figure) for effective HR professionals, each of which require paradox navigation (see table for thirteen paradoxes in these five domains).

Join this insightful masterclass and learn a six-step process to navigate the paradoxes and deliver more value.


16th November @ 18:30-19:30 Shawna Corden PCC, PMC, PMP Masterclass – Can Coaching Accelerate Change?

Traditionally organizations use classroom learning or on-demand training to prepare and acclimate their employees for change- but what’s really effective? Join us for this masterclass revealing the startling, low-cost method, and most effective ways to prepare your organization for effective change.

Participants will be shown the data driving how coaching accelerates change and the 3 factors that determine change success. Ample Q and A time will be allocated to tailor participant’s current change strategies or to build their own change blueprints.


17th November @ 17:15-18:15 Michele Zanini OPEN MASTERCLASS: Hacking Management – Freeing up the Human Spirit at Work


How would you feel at work if . . .

  • You had the right to design your own job?
  • Your team was free to set its own goals and define its own methods?
  • You were encouraged to grow your skills and take on new challenges?
  • Your workmates felt more like family than colleagues?
  • You never felt encumbered by pointless rules and red tape?
  • You felt trusted in every situation to use your best judgment?
  • You were accountable to your colleagues rather than a boss?
  • You didn’t have to waste time sucking up or playing political games?
  • You had the chance to help shape the strategy and direction of your organization?
  • Your influence and compensation depended on your abilities and not your rank?
  • You were never given reason to feel inferior to the higher-ups?

How amazing would it be if all these things were true where you work? Amazing enough, I reckon, that work would hardly feel like work. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for most employees. The typical medium-or large-scale organization infantilizes employees, enforces dull conformity, and discourages entrepreneurship; it wedges people into narrow roles, stymies personal growth, and treats human beings as mere resources.

In consequence, our organizations are often less resilient, creative, and energetic than the people inside them. The culprit is bureaucracy—with its authoritarian power structures, suffocating rules, and toxic politicking.

Join this insightful and highly engaging masterclass to find out what you can do to bring your organization closer people centricity and free up the human spirit at work.


18th November @ 08:30-09:30 Max Hunter Masterclass – Unleashing Motivation at hybrid/remote work

In this interactive and engaging Masterclass, Max will help you:

1. Unlock the keys to a motivated workforce
2. Understand how this translates to hybrid work
3. Connect and learn from your peers
4. Have some fun along the way :)

Come along to experience how the Chief Joy Officer can help you bring more resonant joy to your workforce.

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